How A No Shoe Policy In Your Home Can Improve Your Personal Health

I often hear people say a healthy body equals a healthy mind and as true as that might be there are some points regarding a healthy body and maintaining and keeping a healthy body that some people do not think of. The most obvious things to do in regards to having a healthy body include things like eating well, sleeping well, doing some sort of physical activity, personal hygiene, etc.

Simply dont allow shoes in your home and clean your floor using a Temples Pride microfiber mop


Three Simple Exercises To Help Recover From Back Pain

There are time tested exercises that we can perform to help alleviate some of our pain and hopefully speed up healing and recovery. (Source: McKenzie Exercises @

Let's go over some examples of rehabilitation exercises we can perform to help back injury. 3 steps to recovery from back pain

Exercise One: Glute Stretch


Health Suppliments & Nutrition

What Vitamins Are Important For Pregnancy?

While folic acid may work for many women, many of us require methylated folic acid or folate because nearly 60% of people cannot process synthetic folic acid. Calcium

Calcium is important for strong bones. As the baby inside the uterus grows, it will use the mother's calcium supply to build its own set of bones. Pregnant women should take calcium supplements or she might lose her own bone density.

Health Suppliments & Nutrition

Is Methylfolate Better Than Folic Acid?

Active folate has a higher bioavailability than folic acid. It means that it is quickly absorbed by the body, producing a fast activity effect.

Methyfolate is the only form of folate that can cross the blood-brain barrier. It helps in the production of the hormones serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These hormones are responsible for mood regulation.

Health Suppliments & Nutrition

What Are The Health Benefits Of Visiting An Iv Lounge?

Think about the vitamins and minerals your body needs each day. Consider the fact that you might not be getting all of what you need where you need it. With IV therapy, you can make sure you do, and the delivery method is quite reliable.

A visit to the IV lounge is supposed to help improve your immune system.


Vaccine, Specialist Smoking Hypnotherapy Or Nicotine Patches? There Are Tools To Help Smokers Quit!

A smoker with a significant nicotine addiction suffers from Smokers are aware of the negative effects of smoking such as lung diseases, heart diseases, and fertility issues among others. This has driven a new market of aides designed to help people quit smoking, including specialist hypnotherapy.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

The nicotine patch, nicotine gums, nicotine nasal and oral sprays, nicotine inhalers, and nicotine lozenges are all designed as nicotine replacement therapy aides.


Ayurvedic, Acupuncture, And Hypnotism – Effective Natural Methods To Increase Fertility

In many noted cases, women who gave up the idea of conceiving and turned to surrogacy or adoption, found themselves pregnant almost as soon as they took away the pressure to conceive. In these cases, hypnotism like that offered by can be a remarkable aid, along with counselling and a whole new outlook. Don't lose heart; there is almost always a solution.


All about Drug Rehabilitation Programs


Though random drug testing is implemented to ensure the integrity of the program, this style of treatment is usually recommended to those with short-term addictions and to patients who have already successfully completed an inpatient program and are just seeking support in recovery. Sourced from: There are so many options when it comes to drug programs but it is important that you weigh your options.

Sourced from: For an addict to experience the effectiveness of being enrolled in a rehabilitation program there are certain things they must avoid

Sourced from:


Personal Health-Difficulties the disabled face for looking after themselves


Children with disabilities

Children are the most affected when disabled. Their inability to understand why they are not like other children makes it even harder. This leaves them stressed and seriously disturbed. They are exposed to health hazards for it is impossible for them to tend to their basic hygiene. It becomes worse when they are neglected by the society.


Legal, Economic, and Social Implications of DUI


You may still have your work by the time you get out of jail but the stigma of having spent a night or two, or even several months in jail is something that everyone will be talking about in the workplace. What's more, as warns, being suspended from driving following DUI charges, which is the case in some jurisdictions, can make it difficult to move to work.

As advised by the AGHA Anaheim Group, first-time DUI charge should be viewed as the last DUI charge

Medical Authorities

The Myths Associated with Medical Bills


It’s not uncommon for a debtor to first learn that their unpaid medical bill has been turned over to collections by a call or letter from the By this time, the damage may already be done. Sourced from:

It is important that you pay up these debts because they will affect your credit score. You should also continue paying even with a bad credit score.

Not only can this wreak havoc on your credit score, but you may also be subjected to wage garnishment. Sourced from:

By supplementing your current healthcare coverage, a critical illness policy can not only assist you in bridging the gap, but provide you with money to pay the additional out-of-pocket expenses associated with a critical illness. Sourced from: