How A No Shoe Policy In Your Home Can Improve Your Personal Health

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I often hear people say a healthy body equals a healthy mind and as true as that might be there are some points regarding a healthy body and maintaining and keeping a healthy body that some people do not think of. The most obvious things to do in regards to having a healthy body include things like eating well, sleeping well, doing some sort of physical activity, personal hygiene, etc. The point I want to talk about has to do more with personal hygiene. If you are the type of person who likes to keep a clean house because you believe that it’s important then I’m sure you understand the importance of keeping germs to an absolute minimum.

The problem is that most people disregard the floor as one of the most important cleaning tasks. The issue though is how the floor is cleaned not whether or not it’s cleaned. If you think about it, the floor is actually the biggest surface area in a house and it is the part of the house that is most vulnerable to germ build-up. What makes this problem even worse is the fact that a lot of people allow their guests to come into their homes wearing shoes.

To get my point across of how bad this is let me ask you this question. Would you feel comfortable walking to town without shoes on then maybe through the train station, into a supermarket, then into a public toilet, and then back home into your house and not clean your feet? I’m sure the answer is that you would not feel comfortable doing that. Well, that is exactly the same thing you are doing when you allow shoes in your house. To make matters even worse, when we clean the floor, we are moving the germs around our house while we mop. It has been proven that using cotton mops to clean your floor does not remove germs, it only moves them around.

The solution to this problem is much easier than you think. Simply dont allow shoes in your home and clean your floor using a Temples Pride microfiber mop. This will completely eliminate the problem of cross-contamination as mentioned above with the cotton mop. This is because the fibers that make up the actual microfiber pads are so minute that they are able to remove germs and hold on to them instead of just moving them around. In addition to that, microfiber mops are also much easier to use compared to Cotton mops because you do not need a heavy bucket of water.